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Lost all my data lol

As you might have noticed I have a new site. There a a few reasons for the change which i will get into.

I got an interesting surprise last night when i went to take a look at my old site’s blog page. Apparently Mlab, the mongo host I was using previously has been discontinued. Granted I haven’t opened an email from them in a while so this could have been easily prevented. Not much of a loss though if we’re being honest, I’m not much of a writer.

Anyway i figured it was a good enough excuse to get something new up. This site is built with jekyll, a static site generator written in ruby. I have netlifyCMS hooked up for the data manipulation. I chose jekyll because I’ve been teaching quite a bit of ruby at a coding bootcamp recently and thought i should walk the talk. On the topic of teaching, it’s been very fun albeit a whole different skill compared to engineering or coding. The team at Le Wagon Singapore have been very understanding and I’m slowly getting back into my stride.

In other news I’ve been playing around with HackerRank and have been pleasantly surprised. They provide assesments for certain web technologies, essentially they have a spec you need to meet, you pull down a repo and push the completed work within a set time. Very cool spin on technical interviews, much more useful than reversing a binary tree IMHO.

I’ll try to get back into writing more consistently, will probably look into writing some more technical articles with regards to rust since that mainly what I’m up to these days. This will be the first post on the new site, clean slate and all that.