Hadi Rickit | Builder of Things

About Me

I have a demonstrated track record of delivering quality deliverables on time and within budget. I combine my technical skill with my outgoing personality and people skills to ensure team and project success. As much as I love geeking out over tech I understand that it is ultimately a means to an end.

I am very passionate about Free Software. Being an active contributor to multiple FOSS projects I strongly believe in avoiding proprietary technologies where possible.I disagree with the current state of data privacy and reject the blatant mass collection of personal information. I also feel very strongly about Tech literacy for the masses and try to involve myself with mentoring and or teaching where I can.

I am also very interested in optimising athletic performance with technology, old thinkpads, minimal linux distros, decentralised finance, golf and surfing. Digital and political freedoms are in there somewhere as well.